5 Radio Advertising Myths Debunked

Too many people let their fear of the unknown keep them from considering the advantages of radio advertising. Don’t let myths and misunderstandings keep you from utilizing one of the best bangs for your advertising dollar. In this age of closely watching the bottom line, let those who know best help you meet and exceed your advertising goals.

Myth #1 Radio is too expensive.
Radio can fit any budget, and is still surprisingly inexpensive for your advertising needs. Spending money on advertising means you’re making an investment in your company. Thankfully, even companies with small budgets can still generate terrific returns from advertising if it’s skillfully done with ideal media placement and great timing.

Myth #2 Your Audience isn’t my Customer.
Too often emphasis is placed on over-qualitative targeting. We find it amazing how many people can BECOME the right audience if you say the right thing. Opening your doors to new audiences very well could increase your business. The wide variety of formats our stations provide almost guarantee that someone, somewhere, will be listening to your message.

Myth #3 Can’t track the results / Your ratings are not the best
The long term commitment to radio advertising is part of an overall branding campaign. It’s not just the schedule, but how we help you tell your unique story that makes all the difference. Our clients don’t need to have coupons redeemed from the paper to know what works, they see it in the overall increase in business right on their bottom line. Ratings, while a somewhat useful measurement, is not always related to results for your business. The message is the key, and we work with you to craft the message you need.

Myth #4 Other forms of advertising are cheaper
While it is a fact that there are other options that may be cheaper, they are not all as effective as radio. From our wide reach to our one-on-one message crafting, you truly get what you pay for with radio. And we can show you examples, success stories, and paths you can take to make radio work for you.

Myth #5 My business is fine at the volume it’s at
Imagine your business is booming, you have more customers than you can handle. It’s tempting to think you don’t need another form of advertising, but in this fast paced and rapidly switching economy, the market can change rapidly and without notice. To keep your business strong, you need to be able to replace any potential customer change quickly. It’s smart to be proactive, not reactive, when it comes to spreading your message across advertising mediums.

Recent trends show radio is rapidly becoming the advertising method of choice for thousands of businesses and web sites. The medium allows you to focus your message to a tightly targeted audience.

Overall, the greatest advantage of radio is its ability to go after a very specific kind of market. You don’t waste your advertising budget sending your message to thousands of people who don’t qualify or aren’t likely to be interested in what you sell.