Another Comeback Company

Another Comeback Company

By: Bob Bucholtz, Senior Integrated Marketing Strategist

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A few weeks back I wrote about someone who took an interest in a young sales person who was circling the drain and he helped keep me from going down that drain. There was a McGraw Hill study that Chuck Mefford shared with us that showed how companies fared that cut their marketing & advertising during a down economy and those who maintained or increased their marketing & advertising during a down economy. After 5 years those who stayed the course enjoyed sales that were 256% higher than those that decreased or cut.

Here’s another installment that I wish to share with you. A real business who has a great story to tell.

Here is Volume 3 of our new Comeback Companies series.

This quick video and handout tells the story of how a family owned and operated butcher grew 1.4 millon dollars in sales during the great 2008 recession.

Stay tuned for more Comeback Companies stories very soon.

The BEST is yet to come!

Thanks Chuck!