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Audio Branding: The Power of Music – Wicked Smart Webinar

What we will cover:
– “An audio logo is every bit as important as a visual logo” -Ad Age
– How and why we learn music without any effort
– Music with reputation forces a memory

About Our Guest Speaker

In 1993 Bill developed Advanced Concepts, Incorporated. Advanced Concepts is dedicated to providing national quality advertising jingles to local advertisers all over the United States. Since its inception, Advanced Concepts has developed musical images for well over 6,000 clients nationwide.

Advanced Concepts currently has several recording facilities located in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Minneapolis, Nashville and New York City. Although focusing largely on local advertisers, Advanced Concepts has developed musical images for many national advertisers including United Way, Famous Dave’s Barbecue, Curves, Cold Stone Creamery and more. The Advanced Concepts team continues to educate itself through classes, workshops, seminars and training. Bill’s close relationship with industry insiders keeps him on top of the changing world of branding marketing.

Bill is also a public speaker and has presented branding seminars and workshops for clients all over the United States since 2010. Bill is currently working on his first marketing/branding business book. Bill is also a founding Kounselor for BrandKamp along with Chuck Mefford and Johnny Molson.

Bill resides in Bloomington, Indiana with his wife of 29 years Teri.

What is the Wicked Smart Webinar?

It is a resource designed for business leaders, owners, and management. We provide information and strategies to help you sharpen your leadership skills and help you push through the headwinds in front of your business.

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