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    • Upload a set of up to 6 photos featuring your products, services, or location. Please be sure you own these photos and do not use stock photos. This is optional.
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      • The full value redeemable for the certificate sold before discount.
      • This is the purchase price for the certificate, usually half-off or more. For example, a $20 full retail certificate at 50% off is $10 at Discount.
      • The number of certificates being released for this term.
      • Indicate the cash total of the contract, or $0 if no cash is exchanged. For help, see your Mid-West Family rep.
      • Indicate the trade total of the contract. This amount should equal the quantity of certificates on sale for this term. For help, see your Mid-West Family rep.
      • The term of months we should be releasing certificates. For example, if you select 3 months, you would release the quantity and trade amount of certificates once per month for three months. If you don't want to have this split schedule of releases, and would rather release ALL INVENTORY AT ONCE, please select 1 Week Release Date.
      • MM slash DD slash YYYY
      • (Be sure your advertiser has agreed to mobile certificates if selecting those options)
      • Default limitations: No cash back. No cash value. No credit given. Customers may buy and use as many as they would like.
      • Tell us about the certificate and what customers might use it for.
      • Tell us about your business. This profile information will be used each time your inventory is released.
      • Before submitting, please click the box and follow any verification prompts.
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