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Big Deals Inventory Addition

Use this form only to send in a new agreement for inventory.

  • If you do not know the name of your representative, please select "I Don't Know."
  • The full value redeemable for the certificate sold before discount.
  • This is the purchase price for the certificate, usually half-off or more. For example, a $20 full retail certificate at 50% off is $10 at Discount.
  • Indicate the cash total of the contract, or $0 if no cash is exchanged. For help, see your Mid-West Family rep.
  • Indicate the trade total of the contract. This amount should equal the quantity of certificates on sale for this term. For help, see your Mid-West Family rep.
  • (Be sure your advertiser has agreed to mobile certificates if selecting those options)
  • Default limitations: No cash back. No cash value. No credit given. Customers may buy and use as many as they would like.
  • Tell us about the certificate and what customers might use it for.
  • Tell us about your business. This profile information will be used each time your inventory is released.
  • Before submitting, please click the box and follow any verification prompts.
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