Contactless and Efficient

Contactless and Efficient

By: Bob Bucholtz, Senior Integrated Marketing Strategist

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Contactless, curb side, touch free, virtual chats, terms that will be with us for awhile. Buying Mother’s Day gifts, ordering dinner from a favorite restaurant and talking to friends has taken on a new look and feel. And so has communicating to audiences.

The U.S. Army has a need to serve and protect our nation. To find recruits here is a new idea that local recruiters in Southwest Michigan have taken advantage of. Virtual interviews. Zoom chats with well known area personalities and use of social, digital, broadcast and streamed media to get real impact.

No matter the message, the method needs innovation. These two interviews have communicated stories of why a military career was right for Staff Sergeant Thompson and Sergeant First Class Lucero. They clearly state what opportunities exist and use technology that is safe and effective, Zoom, broadcast and streamed radio, digital and social media.

All businesses have a need to communicate. Whether among their own team, to the public, prospects, customers….communication today is critical. The tools we use have adapted to the times and are highly effective. What would you like to communicate to others?

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Bob Bucholtz, Senior Account Executive
Mid-West Family – Radio, Digital & Events for Southwest Michigan