Hearing Quiet

Hearing Quiet

By: Beth Anderson, Senior Integrated Marketing Strategist

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My whiplash is starting to heal. I can turn my head now and the shock of the unreal reality presented to us in April and May are back there somewhere. It was a hard stomp on the reset button of our lives. It was so hard that I have been determined not to NOT change on some level as a result. Didn’t our moms teach us that tough situations make us stronger? We just had a whopper of a tough situation. I don’t have it all figured out, but I do know a few things.

1. I can hear better when it’s quiet.

I’m not talking about the kind of quiet you experience when you turn down the volume on the radio. I mean the kind of quiet that happens as a result of your world shutting off for a number of weeks. The quiet that comes when there’s no after school or after work activities. No activities anywhere. Period. Just empty calendars (outside of Zoom meetings and online Sunday church). As the noise receded and the quiet swelled, I could distinctly hear my own thoughts. I could hear the words and sentences of my family. I could better decipher their subtext and emotions and really HEAR them, not just listen.

2. I get to choose what I let back in.

This is the best part! I am in control of what sounds and noise I let back into my relative quiet. Of course, that was my prerogative before, but now I am privileged to know what life is like without some of the sounds and most of the noise. Things I used to do, sound a little off-key to me now. Other things are annoying and blaring and I want to mute them immediately. I want to be intentional about each note that comes back into my life, knowing that each sound edges out more quiet. 

You can liken this to your business partnerships too. What person or organization enhances your work life and who makes you cringe when you get an email from them? Who ignites ideas and solves problems? Who just creates more work? Who hears you and who shouts at you? Get rid of the noise and listen for the sound that effective business partnerships bring to your life.
Thanks for reading!
Beth Anderson, Senior Account Executive & Problem Solver
Mid-West Family