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How To Create Headlines That Will Drive Sales, Leads, and Clicks – Wicked Smart Webinar

What Will Be Covered:
-Learn the secret headline formula that Cosmo uses to drive intrigue and attraction
-Develop magnetic messages that will stick out from the noise
-Prevent common copy mistakes that can cost local business owners thousands of wasted marketing dollars

The Wicked Smart Webinar is designed for business leaders, owners, and management, this webinar will provide information and strategies to help you sharpen your leadership skills and help you push through the headwinds in front of your business.

About Our Speakers
Stephen Semple is a Wizard of Ads Partner and Director of Wizard of Ads Canada. Stephen has worked in the marketing industry for over 30 years.

The bulk of his career has been focused on Business to Business marketing using mass media, digital media, direct mail, and direct response advertising.

He has worked in industries ranging from auto parts manufacturers to pharmaceutical consulting firms. He lives on the shores of Georgian Bay in Collingwood Ontario Canada.

Jeff Sexton is a Wizard of Ads Partner and has been a mass media and direct response copywriter for the last 15 years, as well as a brand and conversion rate optimization consultant.

During this time he has consulted for and taught at several enterprise-level corporations – including HP, Wachovia Bank, TIAA Cref, and – as well as smaller e-commerce and lead generation websites.

On the mass media side, he was worked with dozens of local and regional companies to launch mass media campaigns and build their brands and market share. He currently lives in Pensacola, Florida with his family and blogs on advertising, branding, and copywriting.

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