How to Leverage Bored Consumers

How to Leverage Bored Consumers

By: Beth Anderson, Senior Integrated Marketing Strategist

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You could call it the stars and planets aligning. Maybe coincidence? Finally, some good luck in 2020? Nah, I doubt it. It’s something I’ve known all along, but yesterday and today, some industry leading experts have published some winning “secret sauce” type advertising information that I feel obligated to share:

  1. Consumers are bored because most everything has been cancelled
  2. Increasingly, people turn to their favorite radio station DJ’s to feel entertained and to try and understand what’s going on around them
  3. Radio is winning the day over digital and tv for campaign results


Your consumers are seeking entertainment and information, so they’re turning to RADIO to provide it. And we do not fail them. Not only do our 7 local radio stations provide psychological and emotional entertainment escapes, we’re literally providing physical fun and entertainment through entertainment prize packages this summer (VR gaming system with the Screaming Yellow Summer), a golf outing (one activity that’s still allowed), Virtual 4th of July Fireworks shows, and I could go on.

All the entertainment is here, it’s free to the consumer, and all you need to do is score big for your business by accessing the consumers who are listening, following on social media, downloading the podcasts and playing along.

Let me and my team help you win big.
– Beth

I mentioned that this info was from industry leading experts, so I wanted to cite the sources for you here. You can read the articles yourself if you click below. Perhaps my favorite quote below was sent to me by our very own Paul Layendecker about his experience at the grocery store in South Haven (people love that guy!).

“And as consumers have become increasingly bored, given the lack of leisure activities, being cooped up, and facing the same old choices on video streaming channels…I’ve certainly felt that on Netflix in recent weeks, as it seems the programming adds have dwindled, leaving subscribers with tired movies, worn documentaries, and subtitled TV series.”
     -Fred Jacobs, Jacobs Media Strategies Blog

“Radio – and podcast to a lesser degree – is crushing it for our clients and is outpacing television and digital by a wide margin…The other major reason radio is “winning big for our clients” is because it delivers relevant info in real-time which satisfies a human need to feel informed. And the news comes from a “trusted friend who helps us interpret how that news affects us.”
     – Dr. Greg Cyanaumon, CEO of ad agency ADcology, which counts LifeLock, GNC, Draft Kings, LegalZoom and Dollar Shave Club INSIDE RADIO

“I was in the grocery store last Saturday and a lady I didn’t know asked if I was Paul Layendecker from COSY. I said, well yes! She said ‘you are what has been keeping me going through all of this Covid mess!’  ‘I love your positive attitude, the funny things you say, the way you keep me in touch with the community and the music.’ ‘You really make my day start off right.’ ‘I’ve been meaning to call you for some time and tell you.’ ‘Just please, please don’t stop doing what you do.’ I’m counting on you and I know a lot of people that do too.”
     – Paul Layendecker, Morning Show Host, SuperHits 103.7 COSY-FM