Medium Business / Competitive Bundle



COSY-FM ONLY: $1,495 or COSY-FM with THE COAST: $1,795



Here’s what’s included:

Two Daily Feature Sponsorships on the station(s) of your choice
Here’s an example of Jonny & Stephanie’s Coffee Talk featured sponsorship segment on 98.3 The Coast (brought to you by Honor Credit Union). This sponsorship could be morning weather, news, sportscasts, special segments and more, and it can be split between two stations, or both sponsorships on one:

Adjacent :30 second commercial in or around the Feature Sponsorships on the station(s) of your choice

Here’s an example of Jonny & Stephanie’s Coffee Talk featured sponsorship segment on 98.3 The Coast with the adjacent commercial that airs next to the feature sponsorship:

Sponsorship of a re-aired Podcast of your two chosen Feature Sponsorships (or another segment if not available)

Most Feature Sponsorships are also re-aired as a podcast on our website and podcast feeds for each station! Take a listen to Paul Layendecker’s “That’s Just Good News” podcast with billboard sponsor mention at the beginning:

Your business name and contact info displayed on vehicle Digital Dashboards when your commercial plays around your Feature Sponsorship

The Digital Dashboard – RDS (radio data service) allows the delivery of Title & Artist info along with Program Titles to RDS enabled receivers. We have the ability to send your business name along with a short slogan or tagline when your commercial is playing!

Two :60 second Radio Ad-Lib commercials per week with a station personality/influencer
Ad-libs are one of the greatest ways to bring exposure to your brand, a specific product, an event, or a person you’d like to highlight. One of our local influencer air personalities will take specific instructions and copy points from you and turn it in to a live :60 second “discussion!” It’s more than just a radio commercial…it’s an ‘inferred endorsement!’

Two daily rotating Town Crier Wire banner ads in the sections of your choice

Enjoy great banner ad placement in two of our popular sections of Town Crier Wire, the free daily news and information app for Southwest Michigan! Your ad will rotate with no more than 11 other advertisers in an individual section of your choice (based on availability) and will click through to a larger size ‘pop out’ banner before clicking through to the link of your choice, or placing a phone call to your business!

One 7-day Facebook & Instagram boosted ad per month on the station page of your choice

Once a month, we’ll take a static graphic or video and boost it for 7 days to a targeted group or geographic region of your choice using one of our Facebook and Instagram brands from or our 7 radio station pages. Get conversions to take place for your special sale or event using this great tool that gets LOTS of engagement for your brand!

One Facebook Remote Broadcast from your business per month, boosted for 7 days on Facebook featuring station and personality of your choice

One of the most powerful marketing pieces in this bundle is our local influencer driven Facebook Remote Broadcasts, where a personality from one of our stations or Pat Moody from will show up with a video crew and go LIVE on Facebook from your business! We will interview you or your staff, show people around, and ask them to come visit or take action in some way. You can even share the video on your own page!

Two :60 Facebook Ad-Lib Videos per month with a station personality/influencer, boosted for 7 days per ad lib on Facebook featuring station and personality of your choice

Much like our :60 ad-lib radio commercials, but this special Facebook version is on video! We will take our local influencer air personality and have them perform your ad-lib LIVE on Facebook, then target and boost that video as an ad on Facebook and Instagram where available!

PLUS: Opportunity to purchase additional radio commercials or remotes for 25% off their regular price!

Note: No Substitutions. This offer not valid for 95.7 The Lake.

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