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Goal #1: Increasing Personal Auto Policy Count in Niles.

Insurance Management Service (IMS) was suffering from a stagnant book of business in their Niles office (open since 1853). Their St. Joseph, MI office has a legacy book of business with a predictably consistent referral base .

Goal #2: Working with a Trusted Digital Partner and New Local Business Growth.

IMS also expressed a deep desire to grow personal lines in Niles primarily. They previously purchased multiple digital services from another national digital company, but still had very little understanding of what they purchased, what was working - or not, and had established little contact, resulting in zero trust.

After 1 year of consistent team meetings and pursing a full-funnel strategic plan of audio, digital, and interactive services, IMS reported a 7.7% increase in policy count. As of August 24th, new business growth in Niles increased over 50% from the same period two years ago, with more 2nd and 3rd generation referrals. Their management team expressed that they feel heard, fully understood what their purchasing (and why), and appreciated the team meetings where we transparently review reports and creative assets.

Radio Ads

After gathering further information, IMS and News/Talk/Sports 94.9 WSJM created a radio ad campaign to take a laser-focused-approach to building a specific line of business, such as personal lines auto. We also incorporated a community support sponsorship to honor local Veterans. These elements of our full-funnel strategy showcased the importance of real, local insurance agents with the purpose of increasing awareness in Niles and St. Joseph.

Interactive Banner Ads

Moody on the Market and Town Crier Wire partnered with IMS online to build a local interactive presence on our websites and apps to drive traffic to their website. We focused creative on building trust with real agents close to home, thus directly combatting their main competition in Niles – online auto insurance purchases.


New Website + Targeted Display with Keywords & SEO

The IMS management team was open to discussing a new website that would focus on their dedicated team, overall brand, and tactics to building the personal auto lines strategy. We implemented Targeted Display with Keywords focusing on Niles for 1 year (and recently expanded to focus some budget on St. Joseph), and SEO to drive people to IMS’s new website. Mid-West Family built a team of experts that conducted multiple educational and business development discussions with IMS to build trust, familiarity, confidence and comfort.

Successs in their own words.

“Before partnering with you, our Niles office was SLOW. In the past, it has always been difficult to determine the “rate of return” on our advertising dollar. The phones barely rang. Now, it feels like they’re ringing off the hook!

Since we have established a new partnership with Mid-West Family, we have bi-monthly meetings with meaningful data and receive solid business advice. The data from Mid-West Family shows a strong rate of return but more importantly our agency financials do as well.   Lots of business is being written in Niles. And we’re seeing more business in St. Joseph! It’s amazing to look at the digital reports and see where the website visits and calls are coming in – it mirrors what we’re experiencing. Lots of growth.”


Rich Brandt
Insurance Management Service (IMS)
Personal, Commercial, Property & Casualty Insurance

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