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McGhee's Heating and Air

McGhee's Heating & AC

Helping McGhee's "Feel at Ease"

McGhee's Heating & AC is part of the highly competitive HVAC market in Michigan's Great Southwest. A detailed customer needs analysis revealed that their online presence had room for improvement. An outdated website lacked site security, on-page SEO, quality content, mobile responsiveness, and proper user experience design. We also wanted to help them tell a compelling and consistent story to a targeted and measurable audience so that we could provide data to fuel our strategy.

Campaign Goals

  • Increase leads
  • Increase organic search visibility
  • Create a mobile friendly design for better user experience
  • Increase top of mind awareness for emergency services
  • Ensure message and brand image are consistent across all media and advertising.

Streaming TV and YouTube


On-Air & Streaming

As part of their brand awareness campaign, we employed mass media strategy using our radio stations on air and streaming apps and smart speaker skills.

  • Radio Commercials
  • Streaming Pre-Rolls on our App and Smart Speaker Skill
  • Digital banners on our station apps, websites, and streaming service

Targeted Display and SEM

Capitalizing on the total power of online media, we utilize programmatic display banners and SEM pay-per-click strategies to build brand awareness and convert, capturing buyers throughout their journey.


New Website Build


Enhanced Email


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