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Helping Van's Reach Their Goals

  • Continually increase awareness of the business vs. non-local competitors
  • Engage a targeted audience using video content
  • Being part of fun and engaging promotional opportunities and events

Influencers and Content

Van's has partnered with Pat Moody's brand and the "Moody on the Move" video series to tell the story of Van's and how they serve the community, especially through the pandemic.

Social Media

Social Media Ads play a large part in the success of establishing Van's as a local provider that can match or beat competitive prices.

Partnering with Mid-West Family for Marketing Success

"Mid-West Family is more than just our local radio station. Van’s Medical is a small business with a modest advertising budget. Several years ago, we tried a variety of advertising tools to help grow the retail side of our business. We found our radio campaign was the most effective so we have continued with MWF an integral part of our growth plan.

Currently, we are taking advantage of Mid-West Family’s interactive and digital programs customized for Van’s to help build on our radio success.

In 2020, as COVID entered our lives, our MWF representative, Bob Bucholtz, was the first of our vendor partners to contact me and ask, “How can we help?”

Together we drafted messages to inform the community of our COVID protocols, temporary store hours and curbside service options. 

I feel Mid-West Family has a genuine interest in our organization, the challenges we face and willing to be creative with our budget.   We consider MWF a supportive partner of Van’s Medical and look forward to several more years of collaboration."

Katy Bischoff
General Manager
Van’s Medical Equipment
323 W. Glenlord Road
St. Joseph, MI.  49085

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