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Pay My Bill: Recurring Payment

Use this payment system if you would like to pay for your invoice/contract on a monthly or weekly recurring basis. Looking for a one-time payment? Click here.

Your card will show "WSJM INC 2699251111" on your statement and will be charged beginning on the start date indicated below, and on the same day each month or week through your recurring term.

If you have questions about your recurring payments, please contact Judy Groenke by email or call 269-925-1111.

"*" indicates required fields

Your Name*
Be sure to include the legal name, and, if applicable, any DBA. Example: WSJM Inc. d/b/a Mid-West Family.
Be sure this is the same address as your credit card.
Be sure this is the same phone number as your credit card.
We will send you a copy of your payment confirmation here.
Please provide the invoice number for reference, if available.
Reference the product(s) or service(s) this payment is applying toward. Example: "2022 Annual Campaign"
Please provide, if known.
Please provide, if known.
Recurring Charge Period*
Would you like to be charged monthly, or weekly?
Please enter a number from 2 to 99.
Start Date for Recurring Billing*
Your first payment will process beginning on this date and will determine the weekly or monthly schedule for your recurring payments.
Credit Card*
American Express
Supported Credit Cards: American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa
Expiration Date
By signing, I authorize Mid-West Family - Southwest Michigan (WSJM Inc.) to automatically deduct payment from my credit card to pay for my agreed contract with the company on a monthly basis. The authorization is to remain in effect through the term indicated on the form above. I understand that I am responsible for paying any additional invoices for services rendered outside of this invoice number or product contract not covered by this payment. If I need to make an adjustment to this schedule, I understand that I must contact the business manager within 5 business days of the next recurring payment date, that this current recurring schedule will be cancelled, and a new form will be filled out by my organization to begin a new schedule or payment amount.
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