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Recruiting In A Search-Engine Led World – Wicked Smart Webinar

You’ll Learn:

Never before has your company been as transparent as it is today. In a search-engine led world your employees and your candidates are in charge. The visibility of other job possibilities and reviews from your employees, clients, candidates, and even suppliers, has never been as easy or quick to access as they are now. The role of company leaders in hiring has never been more important; how can you possibly attract future employees if your current employees are unhappy and your company is mistreating the people in your recruitment process?

Sharing examples found while researching for The Robot-Proof Recruiter, Katrina will leave you with an understanding of why every element of the employee lifecycle; from sourcing to interviewing, onboarding to employee experience, and off-boarding through to alumnus, now impacts your hiring. She will give you the steps your company needs to improve its recruitment for now and the future.

About Our Guest Speaker

Katrina Collier is on a mission to get all the people who recruit people to treat people better. Through facilitation, she energizes human connection and shows companies how to free their human-made recruitment obstacles; improving candidate engagement, reducing candidate ghosting, and ensuring that all parties deliver a positive candidate experience. She is the author of The Robot-Proof Recruiter and Mastermind Certification, and delivers keynote talks that inspire recruiters, HR, and hiring managers to improve the recruitment experience for everyone. Katrina is also the host of The Hiring Partner Perspective (Undedited) podcast.

She is also the founder of DisruptHR London, and an Ambassador for Hope for Justice, which aims to end modern-day slavery. You’ll find her on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram @KatrinaMCollier.

What is the Wicked Smart Webinar?

It is a resource designed for business leaders, owners, and management. We provide information and strategies to help you sharpen your leadership skills and help you push through the headwinds in front of your business.

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