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Broadcast Radio

Turn up your brand with the power of broadcast radio

We started in broadcast radio in 1958 and have been serving Southwest Michigan communities for decades. Broadcast radio offers well-defined demographic groups to target with your marketing dollars. We have always kept a close study on our markets, and we know what they like, so we know how to help you choose the right broadcast radio approach for you.

Our Radio Stations

Let Us Help

We can package your message, your service, your story into the marketing equivalent of an earworm. With our tailored approach to frequency, schedule, and programming, you will love how broadcast radio can help you turn up your brand. Contact us today to learn more.

What makes us different?

We can carry the branding and messaging strategy our experts help you create throughout your entire marketing strategy. That way your message remains congruent so your ideal customers remain connected with your brand.


Local First Mentality

Local radio offers a way to touch consumers in your market on a personal and emotional level. Our stations are household names with flagship events and powerhouse personalities. You know them, and so do your customers.

Local Influencers

Our popular on-air talent can bring your brand to life, reaching into living rooms, bedrooms, backseats, drivers’ seats, earbuds, waiting rooms, storefronts, backyard barbecues, and every other space you can imagine throughout your community every day. They play what your consumers love. They make them laugh. They get them thinking. They get them talking. They are a part of their lives, so you can be too.

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