Your Business is Opening Up. What Are Others Thinking?

Your Business is Opening Up. What Are Others Thinking?

By: Bob Bucholtz, Senior Integrated Marketing Strategist

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One of the benefits of great partnerships is the helping hand to direct decision making. As Michigan opens up more and more our business partners at Jacobs Media Strategies, the Southwest Michigan Regional Chamber and Mid-West Family presented data researched by Jacobs from 179 Southwest Michigan residents. It is called Covid-19 Survey 2 – “How Southwest Michigan Thinks Feels and Moves Forward.” The survey was from May 12-14 so, much has changed since then and a glance at new data will be helpful in time. However, the data still gives a glimpse into how people were feeling toward opening back up and interesting trends are there for the interpretation.

Similar to Covid-19 Survey 1, Mid-West Family Southwest Michigan Radio Stations and the CDC lead the way as most trusted sources. Notice how Social Media ranks. Not a very flattering percentage in trustworthiness. So, with this in mind, let’s take a look at what people want to resume.

If you own or operate a business in Southwest Michigan, if you’re not already wading into the waters of a new normal, you’re probably opening doors or preparing to. Now, some things like attending a concert or sporting event are going to have to wait. But, for dining in, attending bars, seeing a doctor and YES very soon, getting a hair cut, you’re making decisions and hoping to welcome your customers back.

Take another glance at this data. Where are you telling people that you’ve re-opened? How are you communicating what you’re doing to make it safe and easy to visit your establishment? Social Media? Word of mouth? None?

Reaching your followers on Facebook is one thing, provided you have a good social media group following. You’re re-invite regulars back in and many will come back. But, others may be leery of dipping their toes in the water too soon. So, how are you educating and inviting new customers? And given the overall poor trust score for social media, much of what is said is out of anyone’s control. So, where can you control your message? Hmmm, I have an idea. Reply to this message and let’s chat.

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