Vince Lombardi and E-Commerce

Vince Lombardi and E-Commerce

By: Bob Bucholtz, Senior Integrated Marketing Strategist

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OK, I hope the title grabbed you a bit. For starters, what could Vince Lombardi, the legendary football coach and E-Commerce have in common? Well, bear with me for a moment.

The sports nut in me is starved for sports entertainment and something grabbed my attention recently. The NFL Network has a documentary series called “A Football Life” and there were 3 hours about Vince Lombardi for me to consume! While I am not a Packer fan I admire greatness and Vince Lombardi stood for excellence. He was obsessed with winning but, more importantly, giving every ounce and fibre’ of effort toward the pursuit of perfection and settling for excellence.

Now, here’s where the tie-in with E-Commerce comes in. I just listened to Borrell’s Podcast-Local Marketing Trends Episode 23. Their guest was Ian Black, Director of Retail for Spotify. Spotify is a digital music service that gives you access to millions of songs. The conversation got around to customers that shopped local businesses before Covid-19 now expect to shop you via a virtual store front. In essence, you really need both an on-line and off-line store today. It makes you more resilient.

Why is this so important? Despite how freeing it may be at the moment to now be able to shop local retailers and dine in restaurants, etc. we must be prepared for the future. And by all accounts from the medical experts that future likely means some sort of 2nd wave of Covid-19 later this year.

Vince Lombardi strived for perfection and settled for excellence in his pursuit of winning. Today businesses MUST strive for perfection to survive. And that means thinking forward with your on-line presence. Will you be prepared? There’s a huge uptick of on-line business being conducted with local businesses. With the warnings of a 2nd wave of Covid-19, we can hope for the best but, MUST MUST plan for the worst.

Every training camp at the beginning of a new football season, Vince Lombardi would hold up a football and say “Gentlemen, this is a football”. He’d then proceed to begin re-teaching the fundamentals of the game to his team. Even though they were part of last year’s team it didn’t matter. The pursuit of perfection knows no short cuts. It’s about mastering the fundamental details. If Vince Lombardi was alive today, I could hear him leading a business meeting by saying “Ladies and gentlemen, this is your customer”. He’d then walk each business person through something that resembles this funnel:

Each business has a Purchase Funnel that helps connect a Customer Journey. How is your business perfecting your Purchase Funnel so the Customer Journey can be prepared with both on on-line and off-line store?

Mid-West Family and DASH Digital Services is trained and prepared to assist. Just let us know when.

Thanks for reading!

Bob Bucholtz, Sr. A.E.

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