Your Customers Should Be Salivating

Your Customers Should Be Salivating

By: Beth Anderson, Senior Integrated Marketing Strategist

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I have a weakness for tacos, nachos, guacamole (insert most Mexican food) and by Mexican food, I also mean margaritas, obviously. In fact, one of the first places I’ll go, when we’re able to enjoy sitting down at our favorite restaurants again, is The Mark III in St. Joe (or Scottdale for those of us “born and bred”). The Mark has mouthwatering nachos, loaded with melted cheese and…oh, sorry. I might have been salivating a little bit.

Salivating. It’s a physical reaction to something you crave. Although most often referring to food, it doesn’t have to be limited to victuals. I crave the sunshine after a series of days with gray sunless skies. Your customers have been going without your product or service for weeks. Are they craving walking into your doors as soon as they’re able? Are they anticipating the next time they can stand at your counter or cash register? Are they itching for whatever your product or service does for them?

Roy Williams is one of the finest marketing minds you’ll ever come across. I am a student of his philosophies, particularly as they relate to the creative message and content of your communications and advertising. Two weeks ago Roy commented about the advantage to your organization of making “people look forward to doing business with you.” When our state fully reopens for business, there will be a rush of activity by a marketplace that’s been starved of everyday commerce, activity and entertainment. They’ll be salivating for the products and services they’ve gone without. Be ready.

If you’re not sure how to make people crave doing business with you, and not your competitor, my team and I are ready to go to work for you.

To hear Roy talk about it himself, jump to about the six minute mark of this video and watch for 3-4 minutes. (FYI, I’ll never call anyone a “dumb sack of rocks.” Only Roy Williams could get away with that.)

Thanks for reading!
Beth Anderson, Senior Account Executive & Problem Solver
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