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Public Inspection Files

Public Inspection Files

Public files for the WSJM Inc. radio broadcast stations are now available online for public view anytime at Below are links to each station:

WSJM-FM Benton Harbor (News/Talk/Sports 94.9 WSJM)

WQYQ-AM St. Joseph (106.1 The New QYQ)

WIRX-FM St. Joseph (ROCK 107 WIRX)

WCXT-FM Hartford (98.3 The Coast)

WYTZ-FM Bridgman (97.5 Y-Country)

WCSY-FM South Haven (SuperHits 103.7 COSY-FM)

WQLQ-HD2 Benton Harbor (95.7 The Lake / Live 99.9)

Find our South Bend station PIFs by clicking here.

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