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Pat Moody has been the voice of the business community for 45+ years. You have the chance to align your brand with his strong reputation.

PLUS, the website and app are promoted multiple times daily with sponsor mentions on all radio stations and with messages designed to drive followers to the Moody on the Market.


When you want to know Southwest Michigan's Business. . .

Moody on the Market is the free, immediate source for business news without the wait, 24/7, 365 days a year. Fans get their news faster on the website, app, social media, and daily email digest. Now your business can be in front of tens of thousands of monthly visitors!

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Let us leverage this active audience using sponsored content or banner advertisements for your business! All advertisers on our site are local so you don't compete with national brands and budgets.

Measurable Results

Tell us what you’re trying to achieve, we’ll design a creative, focused ad or article that will click-through to the source of your choice. And, we’ll always provide monthly statistics for proof.

Special Placements:

Interested in a podcast series with Pat Moody? How about a video interview? Perhaps a great Facebook campaign with our 10,000+ fans? Ask about our special placements!

Frequency Discounts:

  • Purchase 3 consecutive months, earn a 5% discount!
  • Purchase 6 consecutive months, earn a 10% discount!
  • Purchase 12 consecutive months, earn a 15% discount!
Moody on the Market

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