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Blending Data and Marketing: Trends and Tactics Every Small Business Needs to Know Now

We will cover:

-How to connect all your digital data to increased sales and profits.
-What should be on your radar in 2021? Is it privacy changes, chat, voice search, AR, VR, AI, or new technology?
-Tips, Trends, and Tactics to help you become a better data-driven marketer.

About the speaker:
Chitra Iyer has a passion for helping businesses measure marketing results and improve their effectiveness. As an experienced multi-channel marketing analytics expert, she helps businesses visualize and bring to reality a customer-centric approach to analytics. Chitra helps them adopt a data-driven approach to marketing decision-making while delivering and supporting analytical and visualization solutions. She engages as a true partner to harness the complete value of their organizations’ data assets and transform them into business insights. Chitra consults with large and small companies in the areas of contact strategy, campaign measurement, google analytics, ROI optimization, data governance, and much more. She is a resident of Austin, TX who enjoys the outdoors, traveling with her family, gardening, and music. LinkedIn:

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