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How To Dominate Your Local Market With Video Marketing – Wicked Smart Webinar

What we will cover:

– How to create a video campaign so your customers say, “I See You Everywhere.”
– The key components of videos that move the sales needle.
– How to use video on your website and social media that will win new customers.

About Our Guest Speakers

Luke Willard has helped thousands of businesses across the United States effectively use video to market and grow their business. He has worked with every type of business from SMB’s, to large national corporations, and everything in between. Luke is always looking to find the most effective video strategy for each business, and knows what it takes for a video campaign to be successful! In his free time, Luke enjoys playing golf, cheering on the North Carolina Tar Heels, and trying out new breweries!

Elan Kamen has been managing brand perceptions for over a decade and currently works with some of the largest brands in the world. He helps businesses craft the perfect message for every client and is trusted to create versatile content campaigns that work effectively anywhere online or on-air. His specialties include localized video strategies being deployed over multiple platforms including social media, website advertising, and OTT/CTV, and evolving small and medium-sized businesses’ marketing approaches toward modern trends.

What is the Wicked Smart Webinar?

It is a resource designed for business leaders, owners, and management. We provide information and strategies to help you sharpen your leadership skills and help you push through the headwinds in front of your business.

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