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How to Increase traffic, leads, and sales without increasing your marketing budget.

What Will Be Covered:
-Stop “Assaulting” Your Website Visitors – How to create a customer value journey that moves prospects to take action.
-Your Traditional Website Is Killing Your Marketing – How to leverage sales funnels and turn your website into a lead producing machine.
-Ethically “Steal” Your Competitors Traffic – How to get traffic that goes to your competitor’s website to start coming to yours instead.

Designed for business leaders, owners, and management, this webinar will provide information and strategies to help you sharpen your leadership skills and help you push through the headwinds in front of your business.

About the speaker – Scott Wells – Visionary & CEO of ConversionFormula

Scott R. Wells is a husband, a father and an entrepreneur. He is also on a journey of expansion never settling for the status quo and always looking for an adventure.

He graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a BA degree in Marketing and is a Certified Trainer and Certified Partner with world renown Austin based, DigitalMarketer.

His work as the Visionary & CEO of ConversionFormula is centered around bringing cutting edge digital marketing tactics and strategy to the senior living & care industry.

When he is not working, he can be found hiking mountains around Phoenix with his amazing wife Becky and sons Ryland & Ryder.

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