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How Contests Can Generate Leads and Grow Your Business

What we will cover:
-Contesting 101: rules, setup, and best practices
-The Power of Contesting Data: generating leads
-The Right Idea: great examples and results

About Our Guest Speaker

Zack East is the Vice President of Customer Success at Mid-West Family Southwest Michigan. He is responsible for assisting in the day-to-day operations of the market as well as leading the Engagement & Experience and Revenue Generation & Sales teams. Zack has been with Mid-West Family for over 17 years, having begun his career as a Promotions Assistant, growing to lead local heritage radio brands ROCK 107 WIRX and 98.3 The Coast, as well as the development of Interactive products, Town Crier Wire, and Radio Super Saver. His extensive experience building and executing contesting for brands is vast, having given away a collective $100,000+ worth of prizes during his career, all while building databases of raving fans and potential leads for clients using the power of contesting.

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